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ENVOY Design

ENVOY Design & Construction division provides high quality production and services, on time, within an accepted budgetary frame, according to the required specifications and standards, including the following Services:

- Engineering and Design Services including full Architectural design (Urban design, Landscaping design, Presentations and 3D Visualization design), Structural design, full Interior Architectural design (furniture design and construction/manufacturing, custom-made furniture accessories and selections), Electrical and Mechanical design (HVAC, Drainage and water supply, Fire fighting and Plumbing). Our services also include preparation for all required documents related to construction process including Tendering drawings and documents, Workshop drawings and costing.

- Construction Services including General Contracting and Interior design contracting.

- Project Management Services.

With our ability to supply call provision and specialist IT & Telecommunication networks, our reputation for speedy and efficient solutions, and our longterm experience in the fast moving world of technology, we are best placed to solve all your company's requirements in the field of IT, Telecommunication and digital technology.
Our expertise is behind many of the energy industry's landmark projects, and billions of dollars of pipeline assets worldwide rely on our software to protect the environment, safeguard the health of workers, and help ensure the financial well-being and reputations of our customers. Above ground, below ground, under the sea, across deserts and over mountains, pipelines carrying gas and oil of every diameter are designed, planned, maintained and optimized by our applications.

Wireless Technology will design a solution that will meet your expectations and your budget.

•Wireless Design Review

•Tower Sites and Interference

•RF Coverage Maps

•In-Building RF Amplifier Systems

We bring to our customers the adequate hardware and software tools to automate business processes, to run on demand inventory, to locate and protect employees, visitors, contractors and equipment in enterprise, industrial and healthcare environment. Our products are being used worldwide and enable our partners, customers to maximize business processes and to increase security and safety procedures.
Design, building and operating a high performance, smart building is a process as well as product. Our services are dictated by the needs of the client. We offer a variety of services to building owners, architects, facility managers, and design and building contractors for new and existing buildings.

Partners with ViaSat, we produces innovative satellite and other digital communication products that enable fast, secure, and efficient communications to any location. We bring today’s new communication applications to people out of reach of terrestrial networks, in both the commercial and government sectors, with a variety of networking products:

-Satellite networks for fixed-site and mobile communications

-Satellite antenna systems

-Wireless data links and terminals for combat situational awareness

-Information security for military networking

-Mobile IP networking for soldiers

-Communication microprocessor chipsets

-Application and communication acceleration

-Satellite network system design

-Communication simulation and training systems

-Consumer satellite broadband

Whether you need to deploy a whole new network or extend an existing network to new locations, new users or new subscribers, we bring you up to high speed in the right way. And right away. Our portfolio of integrated wireless broadband solutions empowers you to capture, connect, communicate and control IP-based voice, video and data in real time both indoors and outdoors. It enables you to provide fixed, portable, nomadic and mobile applications. Equally important, deployment can be accomplished in days, not weeks or months.
Fiber to the home provides greater bandwidth than any of the residential networking alternatives. With the addition of an entire 1-GHz wavelength for broadcast video in the standards for EFM Fiber, EPON, G.983.3 APON, and GPON, FTTH can support HDTV (high-definition television) channels and video-on-demand functions without competing with voice or data bandwidth, making it well suited for multimedia applications.
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